Meet Boris

Meet Boris

I always find it funny when people write their own bio but refer to them in third person. So I will not do that here. When you contact VM Leads, you will be dealing directly with me. So let me introduce myself.

Well my name is Boris. Like Doris but with a B.  I am a Civil Engineer by trade and have been working in that field for 12 years, designing and construction management of large and complex transportation projects. Think roads, bridges, highways, and underground infrastructure such as watermains, storm and sanitary sewers.  

However, I’ve always been fascinated with the digital marketing and search engine optimization world. Having benefited from various online ads and organic searches where I quickly found the exact products and services that I was looking for, I was curious why are certain sites and ads showing up when I search for them and why others aren’t. What are the techniques, rules, and fundamentals of various search engines and how can you utilize this knowledge for maximum success.  

So I started on the path of learning the skill. Throughout the journey of ranking numerous of my own web properties to Google’s top spots and creating qualified leads, as well as helping close friends who have their own businesses with ad campaigns and conversion rates, I really developed a passion for the field and more importantly for the results. I just love taking on the challenge of a website that is not performing or an ad campaign that isn’t working, and making it work. It’s probably the engineer in me.

Along the way I collaborated with other SEO and digital marketing wizards on various projects and am now part of a team that truly delivers results.

One thing is for sure, my team and I will work on the problem until we get you those results. If I may be so bold to say, you won’t find an individual or a team who are more determined and vested into generating you a high Return on your Investment. I always say, if we are not making you money, we are doing something wrong.

I value consistent and open communication between my clients and my team, as I believe that is the road to success. I also treat people the way I want to be treated. I am a consumer in this world and I’m also a client elsewhere. If I hire someone for anything and part with my hard earned money, I expect to see value. I want the person I hired to be the expert and have a strategy for ultimate success. If there are issues, I expect to hear solutions that will ultimately lead us to where we want to be.  That Is exactly how business is conducted at VM Leads.


So what is the “VM” in VM Leads?

Well, when it was time to come up with a business name, I couldn’t think of anything better than using the first letters of the two little angels that my beautiful wife gave to us. Valeria and Milos (pronounced Meelosh).   At the time of this writing they are 8 and 4. They are messy, they are stubborn, and will argue to no end why Ice Cream is completely reasonable before dinner. Above all they are smart and beautiful, and the absolute center of our universe.


Whether we end up doing business or not, I truly appreciate the time you invested in getting to know us throughout our site and wish you all the best on your journey through the crazy world of SEO and digital marketing.

Call me for anything you need.